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October 2023

Sonett is the winner of the German Sustainability Prize 2024

Sonett, manufacturer of ecological laundry detergents and cleaning agents, has been awarded, for the second time, the prestigious German Sustainability Prize 2024. In 2022 Sonett was awarded for their foundation model and the company being managed in a spirit of partnership in the “Transformationsfeld Gesellschaft” (“Area of Societal Transformation”). This year the award for their being sustainability pioneer in the area “laundry detergents and cleaning agents” is being added.


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June 2022

Change of Generations at Sonett’s

Having been part of Sonett’s Executive Management for 30 years,
Beate Oberdorfer and Gerhard Heid now step down. They will, however, stay on in the Extended Management and also on the Board of the Sonett Foundation. Added to Oliver Groß and Andreas Roth who have been members of the Executive Management since 2018, are Rebecca Kramer and Kerstin Schramm.


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April 2022


Sonett - Help for Ukraine


For the time being all deliveries to Russia have been discontinued.


Ever since Russia has started its attack and war on Ukraine, Sonett, on a large scale, has put laundry detergents, dishwashing liquids, hand soaps and disinfectants at the disposal of the people in Ukraine and those who have fled from Ukraine to Poland. We have given our wholesale merchant in Ukraine a free hand to distribute Sonett products, as relief goods, from his warehouse stocks at his own discretion. We also continue participating in the initiatives of denree, Byodo, and “Deine Ukraine Hilfe (your Ukraine aid)” of the German Federal Association Naturkost, Naturwaren (BNN) with products that we donate.   






December 2021

Sonett was awarded the German Sustainability Prize 2022

Sonett, manufacturer of ecological laundry detergents and cleaning agents, has been awarded the German Sustainability Prize 2022. The company was winner in “Transformationsfeld Gesellschaft“ (“Area of Transformation Society”). The jury honoured Sonett’s manyfold endeavours to transform society in a way to be more sustainable.



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February 2021

Sonett Pilot Recycling Project - successful

 The first bottle series with 50 % of Sonett recyclate is on the market.

In 2019 Sonett started a pilot project for rebottling and recycling their own PE packaging. 80 % of the canisters returned could be cleaned and refilled.


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November 2019

Sonett ranks amongst the best in Sweden


Sweden’s big daily newspaper ”Expressen” commissioned the independent laboratory Testfakta to do an analysis of ten eco laundry detergents.  Its purpose was to find out whether organic products are really as “green” as they claim to be. As a result, the Sonett Laundry Detergent Sensitive positioned itself amongst the top results.  


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September 2019

Sonett Detergent Dispenser receives Packaging Award

The cardboard manufacturer PAWI Packaging has been given the European Carton Excellence Award 2019 for Sonett’s cardboard detergent dispenser. The company, therefore, being the winner in the category “general packaging” and “recycled materials”.


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September 2019 

Ecological Test (ÖKO TEST): Sonett’s Laundry Detergent ranks first

Test magazine highlights modular system

In the present issue of the magazine “Ökotest 09/2019”, Sonett Laundry Powder ranks first of all the 26 products tested, amongst them 4 ecological laundry detergents.  With grade 1.8 and the assessment “good”, it has the best rating of all the products. 60 per cent of the assessment referred to the washing performance which was given a “good”, and 40 per cent to the ingredients. It was here that Sonett laundry detergent’s modular system was marked “very good” as the very only product.

“No perfume, no optical bleaching, no plastic compounds, and, on top, the environmentally sound modular system: Any person who wishes to do nature and him/herself a favour, does quite well with this product” according to the magazine.


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February 2018

Sonett supports Soil Fertility Fund

Sonett, the producer of organic laundry detergents and cleaning agents, supported, once again, a special initiative at the turn of the year: “The Bo- denfruchtbarkeitsfonds” (Soil Fertility Fund) of the non-profit “Bio-Stiftung Schweiz” (Organic Foundation Switzerland). Its aim is to not only preserve the fertility of agricultural soils, but to sustainably restore and enhance it. 


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April 2017

40 years of Sonett

In the wake of the nascent health food movement, Sonett was founded 1977 as one of the first manufacturers of organic laundry detergents and cleaning agents. The company’s approach to management and quality is based on anthroposophical spiritual science. Sonett employs 60 people nowadays and sells their products worldwide in more than 45 countries.

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November 2016

Sonett is a National Champion 2016/2017

The manufacturer of ecological laundry detergents and cleaning agents Sonett is one of the National Champions of 2016/17 with the European Business Awards. Out of 33,000 manufacturing companies participating, 636 were nominated as „National Champions“. Sonett complied with the evaluations criteria: innovation, ethics, and economic success.


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September 2016

Sonett: New Logistics Centre in Operation

Sonett, the manufacturer of ecological laundry detergents and cleaning agents, has put into operation its new storage and logistics centre at the be- ginning of 2016. The two-storey building, finished at the end of 2015, was constructed consistently taking into account bio-construction criteria. 


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