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February 2018

Sonett supports Soil Fertility Fund

Sonett, the producer of organic laundry detergents and cleaning agents, supported, once again, a special initiative at the turn of the year: “The Bo- denfruchtbarkeitsfonds” (Soil Fertility Fund) of the non-profit “Bio-Stiftung Schweiz” (Organic Foundation Switzerland). Its aim is to not only preserve the fertility of agricultural soils, but to sustainably restore and enhance it. 


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Februar 2018

Sonett unterstützt Bodenfruchtbarkeitsfonds 

Der ökologische Wasch- und Reinigungsmittelhersteller Sonett hat zum Jahreswechsel wieder eine ganz besondere Initiative unterstützt: den Bodenfruchtbarkeitsfonds der gemeinnützigen Bio-Stiftung Schweiz. Ziel der Initiative ist es, die Fruchtbarkeit von landwirtschaftlichen Böden nicht nur zu erhalten, sondern nachhaltig aufzubauen und zu steigern. 


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April 2017


40 years of Sonett

In the wake of the nascent health food movement, Sonett was founded 1977 as one of the first manufacturers of organic laundry detergents and cleaning agents. The company’s approach to management and quality is based on anthroposophical spiritual science. Sonett employs 60 people nowadays and sells their products worldwide in more than 45 countries.

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November 2016

Sonett is a National Champion 2016/2017

The manufacturer of ecological laundry detergents and cleaning agents Sonett is one of the National Champions of 2016/17 with the European Business Awards. Out of 33,000 manufacturing companies participating, 636 were nominated as „National Champions“. Sonett complied with the evaluations criteria: innovation, ethics, and economic success.


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September 2016

Sonett: New Logistics Centre in Operation

Sonett, the manufacturer of ecological laundry detergents and cleaning agents, has put into operation its new storage and logistics centre at the be- ginning of 2016. The two-storey building, finished at the end of 2015, was constructed consistently taking into account bio-construction criteria. 


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