Quality level III


The dynamic quality 

The third level of our Sonett quality is determined by the balsamic additives und by applying “life-fostering” technology. Furthermore we treat the entire processing water of our liquid products in a swirl chain of 12 egg-shaped glass vessels, in which the free-flowing water can form beautifully shaped vortexes, thus recharging its energy.


In an oloid mixer we rhythmatise the balsamic additives, which consist of frankincense, gold, myrrh resin, laurel leaves, olive oil, rose salts and mistletoe, and add them, in small doses, to the finished laundry detergents and cleaning agents. To our knowledge, only Sonett deals with the topic of rhythmatisation and applying “life-fostering technology” in the field of ecological laundry detergents and cleaning agents. We strive to counteract the centrifugal movements of rotating mixers and bottling machines, which tend to be hostile towards life, by adding these rhythmatised balsamic additives thus creating a revitalising lemniscatic impulse.


Thanks to the first crystal analysis studies it was possible to illustrate the specific quality of additives treated in this manner.




Balsamic Additives

The balsamic additives consist of gold, frankincense, myrrh resin, laurel leaves, olive oil, rose salts and mistletoe. These constituents are finely ground und emulsified with water. They are then rhythmized in an oloid mixer in lemniscatic figure-eight movements, and added, in small dose, to the Sonett products during the manufacturing process (approx.100 ml per 400 kg of powder, respectively 1200 l of liquid).






Whereas the centrifugal movement which is based on conventional mechanic processes tends to have a life-destroying impact, the pulsating figure-eight movement of inversion has a revitalizing effect. Lemniscate, the idealized way of meandering, swirl and wave are the basic forms of water movement. 


When we do the laundry or dishwashing, or when we wash our hair, we use substances containing surfactants which neutralize surface tension, thus preventing water from forming drops. Hence, we continuously destroy water in terms of food in order to make cleaning and washing possible in the first place. For this reason, it is even more important that the surface-releasing effect of the surfactants is neutralized again as quickly as possible after use, and that water can be rapidly reintegrated into its natural cycle. 


The lemniscatic movement “impregnated” into the balsamic additives is to support water in this effort. 



The Oloid

The oloid is a roll body whose form being geometrically developable by inversion of the cube. 


The oloid can easily be rolled on a surface generating a tumbling pulsating movement – the movement of inversion. Movements often used in mechanical engineering are: rotation and translation (onward motions). 


Inversion, the tumbling motion that is characteristic of the oloid, is a third kind of motion, namely a rhythmically pulsating figure-eight movement (the lemniscate).


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Sonett’s Water Swirler

At Sonett the treatment of water is of essential importance. 


The entire processing water (at present approx. 10,000 l per day) is passed through a swirling unit.  


The free-flowing water passes through 12 egg-shaped glass vessels and, accelerating its flow, develops into beautifully shaped vortexes.  


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