Sonett – certified organic quality








The NCP Label (Nature Care Product) certifies:



• The use of organically grown raw materials

• Containing no enzymes of GMO

• Optimum biodegradability

• Recyclable packaging

• Controlled by EcoControl Germany


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The NCS Label (Natural Cosmetics Standard) certifies:


• The use of organically grown raw materials

• No GMO

• No microplastics

• No parabens, silicones and phtalates

• Environmentally friendly, recyclable packaging

• Controlled by EcoControl Germany


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Vegan Society 

The Vegan Society Label certifies:


  • No animal ingredients are contained Sonett does not carry out any animal experiments nor does the company give respective orders to do so.
  • All of our Sonett products carry the Vegan Society Label, with the exception of Sonett Wool Care, Sonett Gall Soap - bar and liquid - as well as Sonett Floor Mopping Fluid and Sonett BioBubbles which contain animal ingredients.


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Stop Climate Change

This is the highest standard for extensive analysis and certification of CO2.


• The label certifies the analysis of the entire enterprise regarding CO2 emissions and complete transparency as far as the processes causing CO2 are concerned.

• The analysis proves that Sonett hardly generates CO2 emissions due to heating and electrical energy.


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The CSE Label stands for:


• Certified sustainable business management of the Association for Applied Business Ethics

• CSE = Certified Sustainable Economics

• Contrary to pure product certification, this label comprises the entire company. In addition to ecological product requirements, the company’s social and ethical orientations are certified.


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