The massage oils and body lotions of the body-care product line MISTELFORM SENSIBLE PROZESSE consist of select ingredients of supreme organic quality.

Valuable essential oils from certified organic cultivation or collection of wild-growing plants give the oils and body lotions their particular and incomparable fragrances. The product line centres on mistletoe and its special processing.



Processing the mistletoe

The silvery kernel of the mistletoe berries is pulverized in a mortar. Thanks to its pulverization a liquid of fresh, lush green of springtime emerges from the berry’s kernel. It is carefully soaked up in olive oil und has to be well protected from light up to the moment when it is further processed into a preparation using the juice extracted from the leaves and stems of the summer mistletoe.


Both the substances, so different from each other – the summer mistletoe’s leaf and the winter mistletoe’s berry – are being processed into two aqueous solutions which are then, touching each other freely swinging, rhythmicised in a fluid oscillator.

The fluid oscillator 

The fluid oscillator was invented in the second half of the 20th century. Its principle: In an oval interior a main stream (MS) causes a self-starting oscillation with counter-eddy which, in the outflow, is being separated into an out-flowing stream and its backflow via two symmetrical side channels. These are periodically retroacting on the main stream. An opening in each of the two side channels facilitates the supplying with a so-called side stream (SS).


Alternating winter mistletoe and summer mistletoe, they are rhythmicised in a swinging motion as main stream and side stream. This is done in a three-stage process.


The mistletoe treatment in the oscillator as life-fostering method emulates the swirling of the processing water at Sonett as well as the rhythmicising of Sonett’s laundry additives in the oloid. In the swirl of water as well as in the oloid motion and the oscillator we take up water’s inherent motions.


Video: Oscillator in motion



A substance of new quality

Thanks to treating the mistletoe extracts in the fluid oscillator, a substance of completely new quality is created. A quality which may also induce people to harmonize inner polar opposites thus compensating them. Processed into our massage oils and body lotions, the “new mistletoe” harmonizes opposites, induces autoactivation and forms a protective shell.