Body and
Massage Oil


To calm down, relax and concentrate on your inner self – what would be more helpful in this endeavour than the fragrances of frankincense and lavender?


  • Obtained from vegetable oils that are

    100 % certified organically grown

  • Containing rhythmicised mistletoe extract



145 ml

485 ml
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Special product feature


Nourishing skincare oil in prime organic quality containing rhythmicised mistletoe extract, activates and harmonizes, forming a protective shell.

Application and Dosage


Prior to its application onto the skin, please shake the oil well until the emulsion has reached an even creamy consistency. 


Your skin readily absorbs the oil within a short time and feels pleasantly soft to your touch and cared for.



Olive oil*, extract from mistletoe berries* and leaves*, sensitized in the oscillator, lanolin, vegetable alcohol (ethanol)*, essential oils from lavender* and frankincense*


*certified organically grown / collection from wild growing plants



Ingredients (INCI)


Olea europaea fruit oil*, Viscum album leaf extract*, Viscum album kernel extract*, Lanolin, Alcohol denat.*, Lavandula hybrida oil* (contains Linalool*), Boswellia serrata oil* 


*certified organically grown / wild growing plants


Further information on INCI names ‣

Body and Massage Oil
Lavender - Frankincense


In the Mistelform massage oils, the dynamized, oscillated aqueous mistletoe and the organic olive oil are processed into an emulsion using lanolin. This emulsion has to be vigorously shaken prior to its application, until the oil has reached an even creamy consistency.


The lanolin used, which complies with the highest pharmacopeia standard, is being obtained from freshly shorn sheep’s wool, and, using a special procedure, freed of pesticidal and herbicidal residues. In its composition it is akin to human skin lipid, reason for which it is readily absorbed by the skin. It nourishes, is skin-caring and makes the skin feel supple to the touch.


The oscillated aqueous mistletoe is produced from the berries and leaves of the mistletoe growing on firs and apple trees, harvested in the valley of Deggenhausen (Deggenhausertal), Sonett’s headquarters. Details regarding the oscillation procedure see here.

Organic lavender oil from the French Haute Provence, together with the Arabian frankincense oil from controlled organic cultivation give this massage oil its harmonizing soothing scent.




NCS (Natural Cosmetics Standard)
CSE (Certified Sustainable Economics)





Bottle: Glass
Dispenser: PE / PP
Labels: PE 
Product folding box: Recycling material 100%
Outer carton: Recycling material 100% 






Massageöl Lavendel-Weihrauch



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